Take a Tour of the Orbit App

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] We've got this fictitious company called Orbit. This is the application and the website that we'll be working on throughout this course. This company does something with sales data management. We can get a sense of what it looks like if we go to log in.

[0:16] When we're in, we've got this dashboard with some sales data. We've got this inventory area. We can add new items in here. We've got an area where we've got account information. This is where we set our role. We can set a bio for ourselves in this settings area. Then we can see all of the users that we might have access to.

[0:35] Throughout the application, we've got this auth debugger. This is going to show us our token, our JSON Web Token. It's going to show us when the token expires and then also, our user information.

[0:45] Because this course deals with various flavors of React, we're going to see this application implemented in various different ways. This one that I'm showing you right now is based on Create React app, but there's also a module where we use Gatsby. There's one where we use Next.js. We've got a GraphQL variety. We've also got one that uses serverless functions.

[1:07] Throughout the course, you should get a good sense of how we would apply security to our React application in just about every variety there is.

[1:14] You should have already taken the React Security Fundamentals course. From that course, you should have an account. If you don't, you can sign up for one. If you come over to the signup page, in here, you can create an account for yourself. Once you do, you will get into the application.