Download the Code for the Course

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Ryan Chenkie:
[0:00] All of the code for this course is found in the download link in the description to this video. Go ahead and download the code. Get it into whichever directory you want to work from. Once you are there, you can cd into advanced-react-security-patterns. Have a look in that directory and you'll see all of the modules that we'll be working on.

[0:19] The general pattern here is that within each of these directories, for example, if we cd into 01-refreshing-JWT and we take a look in there, for each of these directories we've got a 01-start and 02-finish.

[0:31] As you might imagine, 02-finish has the finished product. It's going to represent the finished state of the application or what it should look like by the time we are done with the module. The 01-start folder has the application in its starting state. If you are following along, and I recommend you do, that's where we'll want to start from.

[0:49] Go ahead and have a look at the code in these directories. At the beginning of each module, we will take care of installing dependencies and running the applications.