Install Dependencies and Run the App

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] Let's get everything set up for this module. Let's cd into advanced-react-security-patterns, and then we'll go into 06-Nextjs-Auth. In there, we've got 01-start and 02-finish. We'll go into 01-start.

[0:13] The code for this module is a little bit different. We've only got a single directory for our application, that's our Orbit directory. That's because with our Next.js project, we run our API code inside the main directory of our React project. You can either open this directory right here, or you can cd into Orbit and then open it there. Let's have a look in the directory.

[0:34] We've got a pretty typical Next.js project. The pages directory is probably of most interest. All of these JS files here represent pages for our Next project. Then we've got an API directory, where we have moved all of our API endpoints to.

[0:50] Let's get all of the dependencies installed. If we open the terminal and we do npm install, we should get them all. Once we have all those, we can do npm run dev. Once the project compiles, we can go to localhost:3000.

[1:08] When we go to log in, after we have fired up the project, we will get to the dashboard. We'll notice that there's no name here in the avatar dropdown. This is by design. Pretty much all of the authentication pieces are not in place right now, but we'll start working on those next.