Run the App and API

Before completing this lesson and moving on, be sure to download the file.

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] Let's get ourselves set up for this module. cd into advanced-react-security-patterns. Within there, we can cd into 03-third-party-auth. Having a look at the directories in here, we've got 01-start and 02-finish. Just as always, 01-start is the starting points and 02-finish has the finished product.

[0:18] Cd into a 01-start and open that up in your code editor. Having a look in the directories, we've got Orbit-API and Orbit-app. Let's get the dependencies installed for both. cd into Orbit-app and do npm install.

[0:36] While the dependencies are installing there, we can cd into Orbit-API in another terminal window. We'll do npm install there as well. Once dependencies have been installed for the API, do npm run dev. Back over at the app, we can do npm start.

[0:56] Once that's finished, let's make sure we can log in. We'll go to login and it looks like we're good to go.