Clone the Repo and Install Dependencies

You can find the repo here:

Ryan Chenkie:
[0:00] All of the code that you need to follow along is in this single repo at my github/orbit. This is the Orbit application that we will be building on to learn authentication, authorization, and security in this course.

[0:13] Head over to Come over here and grab a clone link or you can fork this repo, if you like as well. Over in the terminal, wherever you keep your code, we can do GetClone, and then paste in that link. We can change directories into Orbit's. Let's take a look at what's inside.

[0:35] The two important sub-directories are orbit-api and orbit-app. orbit-api is that Node.js server that's going to be acting as our data API. Then orbit-app is of course the React frontend. What we've got to do here is install dependencies for each of them.

[0:51] Let's first cd into orbit-api, and we can do npm install. You can also use yarn if you prefer that. Next, what we can do is we can cd into orbit-app. We go one level up and into orbit-app, and in there we can do npm install.

[1:11] You might see notices about vulnerabilities that have been found. Sometimes, a package gets noted with a vulnerability, but there's no fix immediately available, which is the case here.