Checkout the Start Branch

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] The master branch of the Orbit repo is basically the finished state of the application. It has all of the login, all of the sign up stuff wired up, and it's got communication with the API protected as it should be. It's got all of the frontend security measures in place that we want.

[0:15] To follow along with how to get to that point, we've got another branch for our application here and that's going to be called fundamental start. As you start out the course, go ahead and do git-checkout fundamentals start.

[0:31] This branch has the application set up in a state where all of the UI features and all of the data calls are in place, but the application isn't secure yet. The work that we do, as we progress in this course, will be to add all of those security features in.

[0:45] The best way for you to follow along and learn is going to be to checkout this fundamental start branch and write in all of the code that we do throughout the lessons.